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[links] Link salad for a Thursday

The lab route to out of body experiences — I've had two full blown OBEs in my life, under different circumstances. One was an obvious case of self-hypnosis, the other was in connection with a traumatic closed head injury. I've had one "touched by God" moment, which is pretty weird since that happened long after I'd abandoned any pretense of faith. I wrote it off at the time as a sort of emotional fit. Them temporal lobes are pretty interesting things. (Thanks to chriswjohnson.)

NASA Administrator Mike Griffin's Remarks to the Space Transportation Association (with audio) — As chriswjohnson said when he sent me the link, "[This] strikes me as a remarkably detailed and substantive public presentation for the head of a government agency. (Ordinarily, I'd expect sound-bite-oriented material and maximum vagueness from the public statements of someone in such a position.)"

Dilbert on assigning blame — I've actually had almost this exact conversation, at a job years ago. I had argued strongly against a course of action, was finally told point blank to shut up or I'd be fired. The problems I predicted came through in spades. I was called in to management and grilled about why I hadn't tried harder to show them why the project was going to fail so badly.

The meaning of 0 and 100 on the Fahrenheit scale
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