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[links] Link salad for the backside of a sennight

The wonderful world of early computing

Alien Impact Poisons Canadian Town — "This is could be the first time a meteor impact has been tied to a modern health threat, say the geologists who made the discovery."

Lower Case Initialisms — Language neepery which might of special interest to copy editors.

Farmers are always unhappy — Shays' Rebellion, a part of the history of American dissent.

John McCain secretly funded by George Soros — Man, I love conservatives. Liberal whackjobs haunt coffeehouses and write newsletters. Conservative whackjobs are front page news with an audience of millions — bread and circuses!

Scientists find a way to use ordinary silicon to convert minimal heat to electricity — Oddly, I just wrote a short story where this kind of thing figured fairly prominently.

My friend daveraines asks about the internal narrative of atheists — Interesting question, coming from a bona fide pastor and all around nice guy. If you bounce over there and comment, be polite. He is.
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