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[personal|writing] Miscellaneous updatery

lasirenadolce and I went to anitar's memorial today, up in Seattle. It was lovely, with perhaps 75-100 people in attendance, including so many of the children she loved. jackwilliambell was the picture of grace, though his closing of the ceremony was heartbreaking. I did not know her well — I have spent far more time with Jack — but if you judge someone by the people who loved them, she was a empress among us.

Once home, we watched Ratatouille. I then banged out 1,300 more words on "The Baby Killers" tonight. I have some hopes of finishing the initial draft tomorrow, somewhere between 18,000 and 20,000 words. In addition, I plan to get the Escapement Amazon ] press proofs in the mail back to Tor, mail several books, pack for Omaha, touch up one or two short pieces, and cue myself up for the Madness of Flowers editorial rewrite, which is the Next Big Thing on My List. I'll also have hang time with the_child, and get caught up on some neglected email.
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