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[politics] The South Carolina Democractic primary

I don't have a lot to say which hasn't been far better said in the media or the blogosphere, but I continue to be fascinated by the primary process in both parties. A few quick, probably facile thoughts.

Edwards is finished. He was before, for a whole variety of reasons, but pulling third in his home state places him deep in the also-ran column. The shame of this is that in many ways he was the most progressive candidate, and his presence in the race influenced the narratives of the two front-running campaigns.

Hillary is probably still the national front runner, though a boost for Obama certainly is a negative for her by definition. I'm still disenchanted with her centrism. She is no liberal, to liberal eyes, however conservatives might like to label her as such. My discomfort with her electability given her status as the Great Conservative Boogeyman pace Limbaugh et al. has only solidified — as I've said before, every Republican strategist who can fog a mirror has to be praying to God each night she's the nominee, because there's no one in the [R] column who can get out the votes or the money for the GOP like Hillary. However, she's been playing smashmouth machine politics within the Democratic primary process, and using Bill as an ugly kind of proxy. I don't like it when conservatives play the win-at-any-cost game, I like it at lot less when moderates do it. We're supposed to be the good guys, let's act like it.

Obama. In a way, he's become my man by default. I was never against him, except possibly on grounds of relative inexperience. As I've said before, I'm strongly attracted to his internationalism, but then, I'm an internationalist. That's a dirty word in much of the American electorate, but we don't live in a unilateral world. I'd far, far rather have the experienced, thoughtful internationalism of Obama than the rank jingoist chauvinism of Bush or most of his putative Republican successors. His progressive message and appeal to principles resonate for me. Also, my sense of history builds with Obama.

Super Tuesday approaches like the iceberg before the Titanic. Right now I'll call the tickets as Clinton-Edwards vs. McCain-Huckabee. I'd rather have Obama-Edwards on the Democratic side, but I can't make up my mind if I want the most unelectable Republican ticket or the most rational-to-live-with-if-we-have-to.
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