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[process] In which a question is asked about the New Model Process

carnwrite asked a very good question about "The Lollygang Save the World on Accident", specifically my one day writing sprint to finish the first draft.
Sheesh! And this is the New Model process? Did you have this new story in mind already while writing 'The Baby Killers' or was it more of a follow-the-headlights sort of thing?
To which I replied:
That is an excellent question.

I've written three short stories in the last few weeks.

"Bringing the Future Home" was not the New Model Process. I wrote it the old way, quick and slick. I like it, but the story pretty much lives on its own surface. Given what it's trying to do, I think that's fine.

"The Baby Killers" was absolutely New Model Process. Very slow to come out, a lot of line work as I was writing it, a lot of redraft work to come before it can hit a market.

"The Lollygang Save the World on Accident" is in a sense a postscript to "The Baby Killers". I didn't use the same setting, or (except in the loosest sense of the term) the same tropes. But I was deep in the mindset and the voice.

I will note that "Lollygang" took about 3.5 hours to write in first draft, which amounts to a very slow writing speed for me. Albeit, still faster than "The Baby Killers". That's a post facto clue that I was following the NMP. On the other hand, the draft is quite polished (unlike "The Baby Killers" draft), which argues for slick-and-quick.

I think at that point I was following the headlights, and I'd have to chalk "Lollygang" up to a hybrid based on already having a lot of momentum in my head and on my fingertips when I set out to write it.
What does all that mean? Not much, really, except that it's a turn in the road of my experience of the New Model Process, something which hadn't even occurred to me until carnwrite asked his question.

Life is a journey, writing is a fast car on a bumpy road.
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