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[links] Link salad for a 4 degree (F) morning

stu_segal on his Hugo nominating picks — Includes my Weird Tales story "Tom Edison & His Telegraphic Harpoon", as well as work by frankwu and Eric Amundsen. Also, don't forget to register for Denvention if you want to nominate, and if you are registered, don't forget to nominate.

markteppo on the Next Weird — (Thanks to Paul Jessup.)

A grammar funny — (Thanks to willyumtx.)

A Dutch product catalog — Just watch it for a minute or two...heh... (Thanks to safewrite.)

Tiny living machines — Using heart tissue to power microtech inside the bloodstream. Paging Raquel Welch to the Proteus.

1908 — Interesting little bit of retrospection from Paleo-Future.

"Piss off, Biggles" — One man's argument with the RAF.

Florida Couple Find Jesus in a Potato — These are the days of miracle and wonder. I shall cast off my atheism like an old cloak!

Cop tickets police cars for expired stickers on last day on job — (Thanks to danjite.)

Security and privacy aren't opposites — (Thanks to danjite.)

Vermont considers waiving driver's license fees for organ donors — I have never realy understood our medical system's absolute prohibition on organ sales. I understand the arguments which get made, but they don't seem convincing to me.

Early Kansas history from The Edge of the American West — For those with an interest in Midwestern history or the politics of slavery in America.

A chart comparing basic American statistics at the end of the Clinton administration and now — (Thanks to etcet.)
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