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[links] Link salad, supersized for your convenience

The rewriting post and poll

Movie mashupsSpeed Eraserhead, anyone?

I may be a distant cousin of Barack Obama — Some of my ancestors are Kansas Dunhams from the same small town as his mother, who is a Dunham. Also, the town where Rocket Science Powell's | Amazon ] is set. (Thanks to Aunt Mary for spotting this.)

Blessed are the cheesemakersellameena becomes my new hero.

Ask Oxford — My dad sends along this link to the Oxford Dictionaries site, with a number of help resources.

StarshipSofa: SF Audio Podcast — These folks brought themselves to my attention. Worth checking out...looks like they've got a lot going on for your earbuds.

Eccentric genius: Antiques from a Parallel Universe — (Thanks to Z.)

ScienceShorpy with a WWII photograph that looks like a Thomas Dolby album cover.

Cheeseburger in a can — If this is available in the US, I'll order one and try it. (Thanks to AH. I think.)

The Fail Blog — Hahahah. (Thanks to AH.)

Reviews of the Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen — Teh funny. (Thanks to tempested_bird.)

Vodaphone looking into femtocells — I had to click through to figure out what a femtocell was. Interesting squib about distribution cellular networks even further.

The most expensive PCs — (Thanks to lt260.)

Brattleboro, VT engages in sedition — (Thanks to lt260.)

Why Obama Matterslordofallfools sends along this fascinating Andrew Sullivan article in The Atlantic about Obama as a unifier. The theme is that he can bridge the cultural divide of the last 40 years, with its roots in the Baby Boom's divide over Vietnam. (The fact that Sully has to balance the violent rantings of O'Reilly on the right with the carefully measured reasoning of Olbermann on the left (for example) in order to help make his case tells me a lot about the nature of the divide.)

Food Fight — A filmic critique of the history of modern warfare, culminating in the global war on terror, in food. Weirdly compelling.
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