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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2008-02-03 09:27
Subject: [writing] Madness of Flowers WIP
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Location:Nuevo Rancho Lake
Music:morning sounds
Tags:madness, wip, writing
WIP from the Madness of Flowers revision. Just because I like this bit from the middle of the first scene.
Another wine was set before him, a tall blue glass in front of Kalliope. The latening sun made the entire table glow. Drops beading off her glass were tiny diamonds, each a swelling reflection of the room. His wine swirled with motes from a distant harvest. Dampened, the table wood discharged the memory of forests.

"Trees," said Kalliope, stepping into his thoughts. "They walk. Not two-legged, like bark-clad men, but scrabbling on a thousand woody toes. Masts sliding with purpose through the soil."

"You dream of the timber harvest," Bijaz said almost automatically. He stared at the water-spattered tabletop. "The wealth of softwood come down the river from the Pilean Hills, the hardwoods carved out of the swamps along the Jade Coast."

"No." Palms flat on the table, disturbing the tiny droplet worlds, she leaned forward. "I am a sandwalker. My dreams are borne on the wind. I do not spend my sleeping hours considering economics, or the petty anxieties of foresters."
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User: csinman
Date: 2008-02-03 22:08 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Delightful description!
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