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[links] Link salad afternoon update

Mystery of missing Da Vinci sequel — It's tempting to be a bit snarky about this, but I'm trying to imagine myself in Dan Brown's shoes, and it doesn't look fun. Admittedly, I could be hella miserable for $200,000,000 and keep smiling, but, wow. (From a mailing list I'm on.)

Andrew Wheeler comments on my status as a debutante in a post about the Locus list — Also says nice things about me in passing.

Nanotube radios — For you hard sf types out there. Utility fog, anyone?

Putting Candidates' Religion to the Test — Irreligious questions for the candidates. (The comments section has a decent selection of froth-mouthed religious spew about the THEORY OF EVIL-LUTION which can be read for light entertainment — those pesky facts are still biased, I guess.)

Bill Kristol in the New York Times on the successes of conservatism
Since then we conservatives have had a pretty good run. We had a chance to implement a fair share of our ideas, and they worked. In the 1980s and 90s, conservative policies helped win the cold war, revive the economy and reduce crime and welfare dependency. American conservatism’s ascendancy has benefited this country — and much of the world — over the last quarter-century.
Um, yeah, Bill. Here we are most of the way through 2000s. (I won't even mention Bill Clinton's apparently irrelvant role in the 1990s) Remember the 2000s? When conservatism triumphantly introduced permanent war, created a surveillance state, broke all budget-busting records and destroyed the US economy? Oh, wait, tax cuts. What am I talking about? Of course conservatism remains triumphant! Up the devolution!

Polygamists r us — This squib about George Romney, Mitt Romney's father, is fascinating. "Romney's grandfather emigrated to Mexico in 1886 with his three wives and children after Congress outlawed polygamy." So, basically, Mitt is the son of someone who crossed the Rio Grande, and the great-grandson of a religious separatist who fled the United States rather than comply with Federal law. Confidential to GOP in America: now that's a big tent.
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