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[politics] Super Tuesday

What an entertaining primary season. As usual, I don't have any greatly erudite commentary to add to what's widely available around the blogosphere and the commentariat. However, I'll throw out a few thoughts.


I would never have guessed so much money could buy such a (relatively) poor showing. The media narrative seems to be leaning toward "he's out", which isn't so obvious to me on the face of the numbers. Given the Republican obsession with consistency, I continue amazed that his inveterate flipflopping isn't a bigger problem. He has the money and the looks to be president, but seems to be playing in the same shallow end of the pool as Dan Quayle.


I would never have guessed so little money could buy such a (relatively) good showing. Even though I profoundly disagree with both his positions, and his basic fitness for office, Huckabee seems to be the Republican candidate of ideas. The gamesman in me wants to cheer him on. The American in me wants him to sink like Cheney's polling numbers.


Remember the Keating Five? The GOP base doesn't seem to. Which is amazing given their endlessly long memory for Democratic scandals. McCain's apparent attempts to wriggle out of public campaign financing are also going to require Rovian-grade spin if he succeeds. Also, that whole "maverick Senator John McCain" thing wore thin on me years ago, especially given what a Bush toady he's been. I dislike him rather intensely, but I still dislike him the least of his field. And I'm still holding out for a McCain-Huckabee ticket, given his problems with the GOP base. Of course, they're going to vote for him regardless, because even if they think he's a total fraud, he's their total fraud. McCain's worst enemy in the general election will be conservative apathy. So long as he's running against Hillary, that will not be a problem.


Running strong, classic Democratic machine politics. She must be really pissed at Obama right now, but she's working her playbook very well. My basic comments on her electability stand, specifically about her being the GOP's dream candidate, though I'm glad to see she reined in Bill after the idiocy South Carolina primary.


My man. He has a sense of historic inevitability building around him. That can be swept away in a single turn of the news cycle, of course, but I've never been so excited about a candidate. Like Hillary, he's working his playbook very well. I'd much rather see him win now than see him wait for "his turn". "His turn" politics gets us nothing candidates like Mondale and Dole. Obama would rearrange the political game in a way none of the other candidates from either party could.
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