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[links] Link salad for a Thursday

Iain Banks on how easy writing is — Don't read it. You'll be resentful. You were warned. (Ganked from Elsewhere.)

UK to end submarine goat tests — Um, yeah. Hell of a headline.

Purussaurs: monster caimans of the Miocene — File this one under the dept. of things that make me glad I live in the Holocene.

USB rechargeable AA batteries — :: wants :: (Thanks to garyomaha.)

Cable Cut Fever Grips the Web — Coincidence? Or conspiracy?

Seattle had a monorail in 1911?

Virgin Atlantic to test fly 747 with biofuel

Why do we call her Hillary? — A guest blogger on Bad Astronomy (yes, part of my daily blurg) takes exception to Hillary Clinton being referred to as "Hillary." A couple of my own commentors have done the same thing on this LJ. Yet her campaign refers to her by that name. As I replied in comments recently, the "Clinton" brand is very freighted, for both good and ill, and inextricably linked to Bill Clinton. Is it demeaning to refer to her by her first name when all her competitors are surnamed? Not if she chooses to use that as her own branding. To me, it's a mark of respect to call her what she calls herself.

DNC boost for sex biz — "It would be a lot better for the sex workers if it was the Republican convention."

Bay Buchanan, Romney campaign adviser, on MSNBC two days ago:
Conservatives don't start pre-emptive wars.
Wow. Just wow. It's so sweet, what conservatives believe about themselves. (Thanks to my aunt M.)
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