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[links] Link salad afternoon update

Stardust and Ashes — Alexis Glynn Latner talks about her mother and Alzheimer's. Very moving, very straightforward.

justinelavaworm is wise concerning blurb etiquettescalzi expands on the question. Pay attention, people.

Frozen Grand Central Station — Video of performance art on the street. Pretty cool. (Thanks to BillM.)

Photographer and Goliath Grouper — This picture is amazing on several levels.

Space art — This site is made of awesome.

The mother of all telephoto lenses

How do you grow a glacier? — This is pretty wow.

Birds flew over the dinosaurs — Maybe. The most interesting thing about this article, to me, is the discussions of competing techniques of dating evolutionary events.

Ray Vukcevich reminds us that Tuesday, February 12th is Charles Darwin's birthday — Don't forget to kiss an EVIL-utionist that day! (Those of you not descended from monkeys can stay home and count begats.)

Elephants 'ditch tusks' to survive — Must be that Intelligent Designer reaching into the everyday world.

New details emerge in NRCC scandal — Good government. Check. Moral values. Check. Fiscal responsibility. Check. Yep, it's your Republican party with their hand in the till again!

Vice President's Remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference — Once again Republican self-parody descends into self-parody. This one's full of gems. For example, "As conservatives, we believe in a government that takes up a smaller share of the national income" Snarf! "The United States is a country that takes human rights seriously. We do not torture -- it's against our laws and against our values." Wow, and here the White House was just a couple of days ago fessing up to CIA waterboarding. Like I said before, it's so cute what conservatives believe about themselves. (About like me believing I'm a 60 foot fighting robot in the shape of Isaac Newton.) Or it would be cute, if the consequences of conservative self-delusion weren't so disastrous for Americans and the world.
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