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[writing] Progriss riport

I haven't posted much about writing lately. Rest assured I have been busy.

I am revising Madness of Flowers at the line level, per the New Model Process. I started on February 2nd, and I'm 224 pages into what was an 800 page manuscript. I'm tightening a lot of prose, trimming at the line and paragraph level, and generally reimmersing myself in the book. When I'm done with the line pass, I'm going to have to go back through and do scene-level cuts. At that point I should have the entire book fresh in my head. I'd really like to have all this done before the end of February.

Once Madness is back out the door to Night Shade, I'm going to revise several recent short stories and get them out to market, then do this same line-level revision to Green. It's slow work, and sometimes painful, but to my surprise I'm really enjoying it. By the time I get back to Green, it will be unfamiliar due to all my focus on Madness, which will help me see the text more objectively.

I'm considering daily page metrics on the revision, just like I do with first drafts. Not sure how useful that is to me, or to anyone reading, but maybe I'll bundle it with WIPs. In the mean time, with luck I'll spend the rest of the day on this here book in front of me.
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