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[personal] Miscellaneous updatery rides again

A few housekeeping notes, specifically health and family miscellanea for them what cares.

Friday my knees hurt from the exercise bike. Not pain, but noticeable discomfort, only when I was on my feet. Seated or lying down, they felt normal. Both lasirenadolce and tillyjane advised I stay off the bike a day or two, then phase in with shorter saddle times and a lower resistance setting. In retrospect this was kind of a "duh" moment, but I'd assumed since I can bike a half hour on the streets without difficulty I could do a half hour in the saddle without difficulty. The stationary bike, however, never coasts downhill, shifts gears or has to stop for a light.

Friday night I went to the Waldorf circus with lasirenadolce, Mother of the Child and tillyjane. the_child had been out of school that day with a mild respiratory bug, but she rose from her bed of pain and headed for the circus. It turns out her part involved being a giant screaming pickle, on four-foot stilts strapped to her calves. Nothing like seeing your kid walk around that high off the ground, with kids on one-foot stilts passing beneath her, to give you a new perspective on parenthood.

As my knees were NSF Friday, and still not happy Saturday morning, I skipped the bike Saturday morning. Instead we all went on a family hike — and it pretty much was all: me, lasirenadolce, the_child, tillyjane, lillypond, the Niece, Father of the Niece and dogs Spike and Jester. It was about a three mile loop through Oak's Bottom, about half that distance on the unimproved trail. Between the kids and the dogs, we were out for the better part of two hours, but it was fun and it was distance. lillypond has some photos here, including this one:

The Niece and the Child at Oaks Bottom

lasirenadolce has some photos here, including this one:


Today I did ten minutes of low intensity work on the bike, then a 25 minute brisk walk with lasirendolce and Spike. Whenever she stopped for poop duty or dog business, I walked in circles to keep my heart rate up. I'm considering a light set of barbells, per a suggestion from criada about doing curls while reading my morning blogroll. If you have opinions or references to websites about what weight would be appropriate, please post 'em.
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