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[writing] "America, Such as She Is"

The novella of death has reappeared from its second trip to the editors. (All I have to say is you people in readerland better like this damned thing when it's finally done.) I am not compelled to load my weapon with editorshot, and they do not seem to be setting leghold traps with writerbait. I swear, this is my hardest story ever. (Though with revisions to "The Baby Killers" in the wings, I may be speaking too soon.)

As a result of this event, I will probably do zero pages on Madness of Flowers tonight. Tomorrow should be a power day for the novel, as like all Tuesdays where I am in Portland it is Fireside Coffee Lodge day. Today, after dad time and errands, I will be working on "America, Such as She Is." If I still have time and energy when I am done, I'll probably hit a couple of the short stories sitting in the drawer, to see if they're ready for the final revisions and sendouts.
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