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[writing] Progriss riport

So knocked out the changes to "America, Such As She Is." Except for the ending, over which I am in something of a twist, as the editor diabolically suggested an approach which had not yet occurred to me, and his idea carries significant merit. Right now I have two drafts, an /a/ and a /b/, with substantially different endings. (There's also theoretically a /c/ draft, if you consider that I had an original ending which I modified on the last revision round.) I don't believe I've ever been in quite this position.

Afterwards I spent some time revising a story which I belatedly discovered I'd already sent out to market. So I sent the revision to the market — what the hell. This is what comes of having one's work schedule spreadsheet not be part of one's record keeping spreadsheet. Plus a rewrite request surfaced today on a recent short fiction submittal.

At current count I have two as-yet-unsubmitted but requested stories to revise from draft and get out the door, this here rewrite to tackle, the (hopefully) final changes to "America", God knows what to do to "The Baby Killers", Madness of Flowers to continue revising, Green to be revised, and three more stories to write later, based on future commitments. And I'd really like to start another novel in June.

Writing is hard, I think I'll go to the mall.
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