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[links] Link salad afternoon update

Earliest Bats Had No Radar — I'm pretty sure modern bats don't have radar either. Unless echolocation now works via the EM spectrum rather than sound.

Lake Mead may go dry by 2021 — "There is a 50 percent chance that Lake Mead, which was created by the Hoover Dam and the Colorado River, will go dry by 2021 because of escalating human demand and climate change." Climate change? Lake Mead has a liberal bias! Darn that reality.

Lego B-1 Bomber — Mmm...cool...

Cool rockets — :: wants :: wants :: wants ::

Space Station Crew Can Access Gun — Um, yeah. "You're head is very tiny from up here, but I'll bet I can hit you."

Aqua forest aquaria

Destination oasis — Some striking photos.

A review of Madonna's new movie — The lede is some of the funniest snark I have ever seen in my life.

Republicans disrupt Rep. Lantos' memorial service — Guess respect for a dead colleague isn't a family value.
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