Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] South Carolina Book Festival

It's been a great day at the South Carolina book festival.

After waking up early and working out, I had breakfast with jeffvandermeer and Ann VanderMeer. Once satiated, we headed down the block to the conference. I attended a mystery panel with Con Lehane, James O. Born and Julia Spencer Fleming, which was very entertaining.

After that I did the dealer room thing, except they call it the exhibitor room here. Jim Born then moderated a panel with Jeff, Ann and me on science fiction. That was a hoot, too. We followed that up with some autograph table time, during which the two booksellers sold out of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon | Audible ]. (The local Barnes and Noble had problems getting it in, they said.) There's also been a bit of a run on The River Knows Its Own Wheatland Press | Amazon ].

Rounded off the day with jeffvandermeer's Ambergris presentation, followed by me being on a rapid fire reading with an extremely varied slate of writers. Lots of fun. Off to the writer reception shortly. Best of all, the weather finally turned sunny and warm.
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