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[travel|personal] There's planes in that there air

At the Charleston airport, waiting to connect to DFW and on to Omaha. I got up at 3 am Eastern (that would be midnight in my home time zone, folks) and drove the 120 miles to the airport here from Columbia (that would be because I can't handle airline bookings, apparently). A small price to pay for greatness.

The South Carolina Book Festival was an awesome experience. Jim Born (a/k/a mystery writer James O. Born and fantasy writer James O'Neill) was a very sharp moderator on the SF panel, and went out of his way to befriend me and the VanderMeers. Spent a lot of time talking about literature and mystery genres with academics and writers of same, hit a couple of good parties, and generally enjoyed myself to a ridiculous degree.

Working this week in Omaha, then off to Seattle Friday for Potlatch.

I have some comments on Nader's announcement of candidacy, but I think I'll wait til I'm less cranky tired. Suffice to say that I, a Nader voter in 2000, wish to hell he'd shut up now.

I need to do a little workshop reading, then I'm going to wrap Madness of Flowers, fix "The Baby Killers", and jump back into Green.

Y'all play nice.
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