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[personal] The things that wrap themselves around me while I'm dreaming

Overheard in my sleep last night:
Sean Connery's older than John McCain now. No, wait, he's always been older than John McCain...
Also, I woke up with a really good short story ending in my head. Of course, it needs a decent short story in front of it to make any sense, but I can probably handle that. I think I'll call it "Love in the Time of Eschaton."

My writing mind is back in high gear. Things on the literary front have stabilized a little in the wake of my hardware failure and associated time loss. I got in about three hours on Madness of Flowers last night. That involved bushwhacking 5,000 words or so on a subscene/paragraph level edit where I had previously made note of some dragging points in the text.

Tonight I'll have to go back in and figure out what scenes or subscenes can be merged. Even now, at 157K or so, it's too tight just to drop a section out somewhere. (Much like its predecessor, Trial of Flowers Powell's | Amazon ], this book doesn't really have chapters.)
Tags: madness, personal, trial, writing

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