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[links] Link salad is baaaaaack

Potlatch 17 reports here, here, here, here, here, here and here — Now don't say I never gave you nothing to read. Plus csinman finally gave me the original of the caricature they'd done of me last year.

paulskemp has a theory about me. — Soon I shall have to absorb him into the Jay Lake Collective.

Interview with the daughter of a friend of mine — She's playing Falstaff in Henry IV. Oddly, my dad played Falstaff in an amateur theatre production when I was a kid.

The Incredible Folding Chopsticks — When I was a little kid I had a little plastic set of kwai-tze.

Asian cockroach could benefit South Texas cotton farmers — Invasive species are always such a good idea. (Thanks to BBB.)

Bedroom in a box — No, it's not what you think. (Thanks to sheelangig.)

miRNA controls skin cell growth — Cool biology stuff for you Dr. Moreau fans. Behind a freewall, sorry about that.

Strange Maps — Here's some serious cool. (Thanks to lillypond.)

Gibtown — Where old carnies go to die. (Thanks to danjite.)

Woman Jailed For Failing To Return Books — Man, librarians are tough. (Thanks to danjite.)

Quaker teacher fired for changing loyalty oath — California requires a loyalty oath? That is so creepy. (Thanks to danjite.)

And of course, today is primary day in Vermont, Rhode Island, Texas and Ohio. If you live there, go vote.

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