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[personal] RIP Gary Gygax

As widely reported in the blogosphere, Gary Gygax has passed away. I never met the man, have no particular sense of him beyond my sense of any human being, but the little game he developed quite literally gave me something to live for at some of the worst times of my life, and developed my plot-and-story bump rather nicely.

I'm not exactly an OG — never played Chainmail, but I still have my brown book/white book rules around somewhere, along with the old blue box set and its rotting dice.

I've commented before on my strong suspicion that spec fic is losing a generation of writers to MMORPGs. I wonder how big a generation of writers have their roots in the fantasy RPG movement that Gygax launched. And of course those two gaming trends are strongly linked, so perhaps it's an averaging effect.

Anyway, rest in peace, Mr. Gygax. You missed your last saving throw.
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