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[links] Link salad hump day edition

The D&D Poll — Gary, we hardly knew you.

The ARC contest voting poll — Which I will close tomorrow morning. Vote now!

Shorpy with an airship photo! — Ca. 1929.

Avalanche on Mars — This is not your father's Chevrolet.

The Earth and Moon, as seen from Mars — (Thanks to Gelastic Jew.)

prof_brotherton posts the first chapters of his new book Spider Star Powell's | Amazon ]

The ever admirable Slacktivist on the Evangelical view of mental illness — Gosh, and people wonder why I think religion and public policy don't mix well. Bonus points for describing supporters of the Family Research Council as being trapped in "intellectual veal pens."

Great white 'ate anti-shark device' — Hahahahah.

Fractionated spacecraft

Squidpunkjeffvandermeer and Ann VanderMeer talk to Wired magazine about The Situation and about his being a geek dad.

More on "moist" — In the first three minutes or so of this podcast, a discussion of the cringe word "moist". This is a concept which I have previously commented that I find incomprehensible. (Thanks to goulo.)

Competitive muskrat skinning — The new standard in beauty. (Thanks to khaybee. I think.)

Time in saddle: 20 minutes
Last night's weigh-out: 277.8
This morning's weigh-in: 275.2
Currently reading: Field of Fire, by James O. Born Powell's | Amazon ]
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