Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[politics] Clinton rules

First of all, let me say: good for Hillary. I'm an Obama supporter, but I respect her drive, her victories and her passion. And I will whole heartedly support Hillary as the Democratic nominee if that's how everything falls out.

At the same time, in yesterday's primaries we saw once more considerable (if peripheral) evidence of strong negative campaigning. Confidential to Democratic party: if I wanted win-at-any-cost politics, I'd be a Republican. Liberal-progressives are supposed to stand for something better. We know what the other way gets us. If she's the nominee, it will be a painful victory for business as usual. I'd rather see a battle of messages rather than Muslim slurs and ads with Obama's skin digitally darkened. Those are the other guys' tricks.

As for McCain and Huckabee, Huck surprised me. Having hung in this long against any rational calculus, why drop out now? I'd assumed (quite seriously) he was staying in the race while awaiting divine intervention in the form of a McCain scandal or health problem. There's been no other reason for a while. At least Huck is honest about who he is and what he represents. (Remember Mr. "I'm a uniter, not a divider"?)
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