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[contest[ And the winner is...

The fabulous ARC contest, which was somewhat disrupted by the great disk crash of ought eight, has come to a conclusion. The voting poll is now closed. As you may recall, the challenge was to offer a limerick or haiku concerning why you should receive a rare ARC of Escapement Amazon ].

Without further ado, the winner is etcet with:
Lake dangles a prize;
Cavorting words hope to win.
"Dance for me, bitches!"

etcet, please drop me an email with your shipping info.

I also offered a special judge's prize of an Audible.com gift card to my personal favorite. The card can be used for two Audible titles, including Mainspring Powell's | Amazon | Audible ] or any other title, including Old Man's War, A War of Gifts: An Ender Story or any of the Dune books. This is awarded at my sole discretion because it's my contest, dammit.

By strange coincidence, the winner is etcet with a different entry:
Limerick? Haiku?
Jedi do not crave such things.
Nantucket beckons.
Basically, I nearly wet myself laughing at that one the first time I read it.

There will be another contest shortly, so hang in there.

Remember, you heard it here first on roller derby.
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