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[links] Link salad has forgotten what day of the week this is

pnh with the true adventures of tor.com

scalzi is nice about Escapement Amazon ]

ericjamesstone answers one of my minor but important wishes — He points us to this compact combo power strip and USB charger. Now if the darned thing would only come into shipping availability.

Living in the shadow of Chernobyl — (Thanks to RadCon Bob.)

The Locus poll is up — Go vote. I'm on there in three places, if'n you like my stuff. You do not have to be a current subscriber to participate. (Thanks to lasirenadolce.)

Language Log on sounds, meaning and ideophonics

In Praise of Ancient LightCentauri Dreams on the very early and true history of the Universe. (Or God's careful deceptions regarding same, if you happen to be a Creationist.)

Constructing 3D models from a single photo

Adaptable Polymer Inspired by Sea Cucumbers — That must be at least the headline of the month.

"Malling-Hansen Writing Ball," 1867 — :: wants ::
I actually describe one of these in the Flowers books. Lord Mayor Imago has one in his office in the Rugmaker's Cupola. (Thanks to scarlettina.)
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