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[links] Link salad for a quiet Friday

Don't forget the new caption contest — Another ARC of Escapement Amazon ], as well as an Audible.com gift card, are at stake!

A review promotional mention of Trial of Flowers Powell's | Amazon ] — Complete with dwarf disclaimer. In Portuguese.

Green Man Review rather liked Paper Cities Powell's | Amazon ] — They especially liked "Promises: A Tale of the City Imperishable". The story is in the Flowers continuity, concerning the life of Biggest Sister, leader of the Tribade at the time of Trial of Flowers.

kenscholes on the agonies and wonders of the writing process — Definitely worth a look.

Agent Joshua Bilmes on the coming changes in Borders bookstores — "You can either see this as the complete dumbing down of the bookstore, or as salvation as somebody attempts to think out of the box and do something new in a bookstore for the first time in decades." (Thanks to devonmonk.)

Some interesting comments in last night's post on dialog, btw.

Cheese fear — Engrish.com takes on cheese. (And yes, I owe a cheese blog from Rainforest. Busy here.)

The state of Tennessee shows some real class and economic foresight in dealing with illegal immigrants — This one's a doozie.

Time in saddle: 20 minutes
Last night's weigh-out: n/a
This morning's weigh-in: 278.8
Currently reading: Field of Fire, by James O. Born Powell's | Amazon ]

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