Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[politics] An open letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Senator Clinton —

This has been the most important Democratic primary process in my lifetime. Your candidacy, along with Senators Edwards and Obama, has been invigorating to Democrats as well as nonpartisan liberal-progressives all across America. I found the South Carolina primary especially historic, in a way that lends me great hope for the future of us all.

For a long time this process has been characterized as a battle of ideals, a primary where messaging and policy and sheer old fashioned hope have driven both your candidacy and that of Senator Obama. But somewhere recently your campaign has crossed a line into business as usual.

If I wanted win-at-any-cost politics, if I wanted veiled racism and technical machinations and plausible deniability, I would be a Republican. America deserves better from your campaign. Your voters deserve better from your campaign. You deserve better from your campaign.

I don't suppose my few words this day will ever impinge on you. Your campaign certainly isn't going to change direction because of dissatisfied voters like me. But I wish I lived in a world that was different, higher-minded, more dedicated to principle.

More to the point, I wish you did too.

The Republican party has given us a painful eight-year lesson in what being less for America looks like. Please, be more for America.


Jay Lake
Portland, OR

This letter may be freely distributed, excerpted or quoted, with attribution.

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