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[links] Link salad can't touch that day

Today is the last day to enter the new caption contest — Another ARC of Escapement Amazon ], as well as an Audible.com gift card, are at stake!

The price of success — A brief rumination (by me) on writer friendships and how they can break.

My story "Mr. Scalpel and Mr. Gloves and the Cancer at the Heart of the World" is up at Revolution SF

Ideas and what to do with them — (Thanks to lt260.)

Latte art — (Thanks to willyumtx.)

Christvertising — God bless your brand. (Thanks to Z.)

Organics, Water in Protoplanetary Disk — A little squib for all you hard SF writers out there.

Eliot Spitzer and the Price-Placebo Effect — Is $1,000 an hour for sex worth the money? Hahahahah.

Federal Reserve pumps $30bn into Bear Sterns — Perhaps one of my conservative friends can explain why profits are so thoroughly privatized that tax cuts are always a good idea, but losses are somehow the responsibility of the public sector. This is welfare for the investing classes. What the hell happened to market forces?

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