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[links] Link salad afternoon update

matthewsrotundo with some big news — My Writers of the Future win was a major step for me. All you agent and editor types, he's got a novel wrapped up that looks promising. Take note.

The Economist with an interesting obituary of Gary Gygax

Why giant mecha robots are stupid — (Thanks to goulo.)

A response to the above — Citing our own the_flea_king!

Inside NeverLand Ranch — (Thanks to willyumtx.)

The Theory of Interstellar Trade — This Paul Krugman piece is funny. And interesting. And weird. All at the same time. This piece really ought to be reprinted in a current genre market.

Alpha Centauri Scoped for Earth-Like Planets

Google Sky — Ooooh.

Big dog robot — Weird video of developmental defense tech. (Thanks to GS.)

Globe spanning Obama siblings — Interesting. And utter cannon fodder for the racist, nativist core of Republican America, unfortunately. (Thanks to my Dad.)
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