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[conventions|personal] Match it for Pratchett Update

As announced before the con, Norwescon, the Northwest Science Fiction Society, lasirenadolce and myself worked with matchitforpratchett.org to do matching fund raising at Norwescon 31. This was in coordination with Pat Cadigan's campaign to match Terry Pratchett's US$1MM donaton to Alzheimer's research.

In the ten days since that challenge, nearly $100,000 has been donated online globally in honor of Terry. Norwescon, Eastercon/Orbital and ICFA were the first conventions that were able to attempt fundraising. Eastercon reportedly raised about $4,000, ICFA raised $1,054 (thanks fjm for the info), while Norwescon members, vendors and pros donated a total of $3,403.70.

People gave what they could - whether it was $1 or $100. A few people emptied all of the change in their pocket every time the walked by the donation box. Many gave multiple times. BASFA heard that we were doing a campaign and sent money up from San Francisco. One vendor gave a percentage of all of their sales from the weekend to the cause. Another vendor gave all of her profits from Terry Pratchett books.

I believe lasirenadolce will be posting some practical tips about the experience, which may be of use to folks considering a similar effort at other conventions. Meanwhile, a few photos of the fundraising...

Photos © 2008 Adrienne Loska. Please contact for permission to reproduce.

As usual, more at the Flickr set
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