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[links] Link salad for an Omaha Wednesday

New Weird Wednesday!

Mind Meld: Is Science Fiction Antithetical to Religion? — In which a number of authors, including myself, are interviewed.

Darvaza, the Apocalypse Gas Crater — Also known as The Doorway to Hell. Wow.

Slab of Antarctic ice shelf collapses amid warming — Damn those liberal Democrats, they've even got the Antarctic ice cooperating with their global warming scam. Must listen to more Limbaugh...reality is interfering with conservative thought...

Hillary talks to Richard Mellon Scaife about Obama — She has just completely jumped the shark. Richard Mellon Scaife? Hellooooo? Mr. Vast Right Wing Conspiracy his own self? That she would be in the same room with Scaife proves she will do anything to defeat Obama, far beyond the bounds of rational politics or principal. I'll still vote for her over McCain if she's the nominee, but we're definitely deep into lesser-of-two-evils territory at that point. I am so profoundly disappointed in her.
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