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[links] Link salad for a Monday morning

charlesatan reviews Trial of Flowers Powell's | Amazon ]

Get Fuzzy on genre mixing

Martian canyons in high definition photography — Mmm, wow.

Max Mosley faces calls to quit as Formula One chief after ‘Nazi’ orgy — Five hookers? Life imitates an Al Yankovic song. Read all about it in the weekly Midnight Star.

SEC: Countrywide execs to get millions in stock — Mmm. I've never been paid to fail. But at my income level, that would be considered welfare, not market forces.

This Modern World summarizes my view of the Hillary campaignGo mess with Slate's delegate calculator. It's over for her, on the numbers. She's staying in on hopes of gaming the rules hard enough, or a meteor hitting Obama. Whose interest is she serving now? Not the Democratic party's, and certainly not the interests of the liberal-progressive community.

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