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[links] Link salad stays in Vegas

VanderMeers to Edit New Tachyon Anthology: Squidpunk! — I am proud to be a part of this progressive movement in fiction.

Agent Janet Reid offers query roulette

Try the Train: 1937 — A shorpy.com photo. Mostly for kevinstandlee and garyomaha, but it has haunting qualities many of the rest of us may appreciate as well.

Diamond paint for jet surfaces — Well, cz, but she'll never know.

Mysterious Crater Widens to Antarctica — Headline is rather misleading, but still a pretty cool story. Also bonus new word "strewnfield".

Dextre — A photo of the space station robot. (With a rather silly cutline...)

Centauri Dreams on dust and planets — Good reading for you hard sf/worldbuilding types.

Ten most unreasonable parking fines of all time — I had a pretty goofy one myself.

Negro President by Year 2000 — 1965 op-ed piece from a Mississippi newspaper.

Great moments in political candidacy — (Thanks to mojavewolf.)

Bush nominated for Nobel Peace Prize — Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha.

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