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[travel] Leaving Las Vegas

Leaving Las Vegas, without the drunken sexuality. (Ah, missed opportunities.)

I have to say that the security line to get into my gate matched the madness of the taxi line on arrival. A solid 45 minutes in line to reach the screeners. Given the absolute insanity of the airport logistics both coming and going here at McCarran, I pretty much plan to never visit Las Vegas again.

If I am somehow forced back here, I am definitely never staying at the Hilton Grand Vacation on the Strip. Their Internet service rivalled John Wayne Orange County airport for simply bizarre and pathetic. To my mind, a hotel of that quality wouldn't stand for nonworking plumbing or electrical, there's no excuse for the horrendous wireless service.

Other than losing my phone, the trade show was fine. We hit some real gold today that more than paid for the trip. Also got lots of tchotch. Not to mention falling off a mechanical bull. It was good to see skidspoppe. But when I get home, I'll be there for, like, over two weeks. I may not stir from the house. We shan't talk about what time I will get home tonight...

Meanwhile, time to read me some kenscholes while waiting for the plane.
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