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[movies] Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Yesterday the_child and I rented Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End imdb ]. I had been very disappointed by the second Pirates movie, and so had been in no hurry to see yet another dose of sequel-itis. My mistake. She and I both loved this one.

First of all, watching Geoffrey Rush and Chow-Yun Fat vamp at each other was more than worth the price of admission. Second of all, it has recaptured much of the cockeyed, funny charm of the first movie — something which was critically missing from the humorless grind of the second film. And somehow the dialog got a lot better, though imdb assures me the same screenwriters led the project. I did have to spend some time explaining to the_child why "What did you call him? ... Larry." was so damned funny.

Today she is doing what she always does with movies. She watches the "making of" tracks. She revisits scenes which she enjoyed or didn't understand, or which scared her. She is spending hours dissecting the movie, occasionally checking in with me to validate a theory of hers, or explain some wisecrack or reference. (We had an extensive discussion this morning of the unbinding of Calypso, how and why one would bind a goddess in the first place, etc.) Frankly, the_child is developing quite the head for both film as an art form and the structure of story, at least as expressed in film.

In a sense, the most interesting thing to me about the way she consumes film is that it is radically different from either my childhood experience of movies or my current viewing style. She is absolutely a child of the DVD generation, making full use of scene skip, freeze frames, bonus tracks and all the rest. It's not a linear experience for her.

I wonder if non-linear books will ever become a reality. They would work for her.
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