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[politics] Several items of a political nature

Several items of a political nature:

I mailed off my updated voter registration today, to declare myself a Democrat. I've been a(n un)registered Independent all my voting life, but I really want to vote for Obama in the upcoming Oregon primary. This is kind of a big step for me — the Democrats are my party of default, not preference, but Barack Obama has become my candidate of preference.

Last week I mentioned going to see Senators Edward and Thompson speak at the CTIA Wireless 2008 show in Las Vegas. It occurs to me that I neglected to report on that experience. Both Senators spoke much better live than I ever saw them do as candidates. (Much like Gore during and after his 2000 concession speech, frankly.) I suppose the stakes are lower now. Both gave relatively political speeches, while touching on the subject of the conference. I thought Edwards was more interesting, and taking a bigger picture stance than Thompson, but both were engaging and entertaining. Both were also more than a little bitter about their campaign experiences. Nothing revelatory, but entertaining and interesting. I'd have been happy to see Edwards be the Democratic nominee, though he was never my favorite in the primary. I never did understand Thompson's candidacy.

I'm still being very frustrated by Hillary's candidacy. So far as I can tell, her strategy is "game the hell out of the superdelegates despite losing the popular vote." That's roughly the Bush 2000 strategy. Yep, it worked for him. Look what that got us. Her increasingly erratic attacks on Obama, not to mention outbreaks of foot-shooting, are mostly serving to strengthen McCain's bid for the White House. Until recently, I thought Democrats had this virtually in the bag. Hillary running a scorched earth campaign is alienating Democrats from each other and driving off independents. If McCain takes the general despite the Republican performance of the last eight years, she's going be a long time living down her role in creating that situation. I'm tired of this.
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