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Jay Lake

[writing] An update of sorts

March was something of a quiet month for writing. I had one short story rejection, two short story acceptances (one not yet announced, if you are counting), and no new submissions. I spent virtually the entire month revising Green, which I managed to turn in on the last day of the month. That was incidentally the tail end of about 18 weeks of continuous, heavy effort on novels, commencing with the first draft of Green, revisions to Madness of Flowers and revisions to Green. I am officially on downtime now, messing about with incidental projects, writing-related program activities, and short fiction.

Later this year I expect to revise Green to editorial direction and first reader input, then revise it again to copy edit. I'll also be revising Madness of Flowers to copy edit. I owe a couple of novellas and several short stories, and I'd like to write at least one more new book this year. Also, kenscholes and I are discussing proposing a collaborative novel or two to arcaedia and casacorona, but as a practical matter we can't imagine actually writing them until about 2010, given both of our current contract commitments. (Especially his, Mr. Named Lands.)

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