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[personal] Being a dad

Greg Evans, creator of the comic strip Luann, has apparently met the_child. Funny.

My sister emailed me today with some wisdom of the Niece. She made three wishes while blowing on a dandelion:
  • I wish I could touch the sky.
  • I wish I could fly.
  • I wish the tin man could have all he ever wanted.

I think being a dad is like being the Wizard of Oz. I'm the man behind the curtain, the one who knows everything and nothing in the_child's world. She's on a long, difficult road, looking for courage and a brain and a heart, and all the million parts that go into making one's way into life. All I've got is a big voice and some parlor tricks. Like the Wizard, I can't give her nothing she doesn't already have.

There's a helplessness to parenting which is heartbreaking. There's a power to childhood which is inspiring. I wouldn't trade this journey of ours for anything in life, but I will always wish I could be better. I get no rewrites here.

And now I go to a hard day's work, to make her money to buy her things.

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