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[sale] "The Lollygang Save the World On Accident" to Extraordinary Engines

Now it can be told. My short story "The Lollygang Save the World On Accident" has been accepted by Solaris Press for Extraordinary Engines, ed. Nick Gevers. (This was a March sale, but embargoed until the ToC announcement.)

The table of contents in all its majesty, where you can see that I am in very good company:
"Steampunch" by James Lovegrove
"Static" by Marly Youmans
"Speed, Speed the Cable" by Kage Baker
"Elementals" by Ian R. MacLeod
"Machine Maid" by Margo Lanagan
"Lady Witherspoon's Solution" by James Morrow
"Hannah" by Keith Brooke
"Petrolpunk" by Adam Roberts
"American Cheetah" by Robert Reed
"Fixing Hanover" by Jeff VanderMeer
"The Lollygang Save the World on Accident" by Jay Lake
"The Dream of Reason" by Jeffrey Ford
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