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[links] Link salad comes back from lunch

He Wrote 200,000 Books (but Computers Did Some of the Work) — It is to boggle.

Heating plug-in hybrids — It never occured to me that this was a problem with hybrids. But duh, heating runs off waste heat from the internal combustion engine.

Cultured meat is on its way — I've wondered for years why this hadn't been done already. What do you think? Frankenfood or progress?

Research monkeys languish in a state of limbo — The monkeys of Abkhazia. There's a hell of a piece of fiction (or more than one) buried in this sad, awful news story.

Youngstown downsizes — A city faces up to a no-growth future. That's very unAmerican, yet very practical.

Human, Chimp Ancestors May Have Mated, DNA Suggests — Sorry, offer not valid for Young Earth Creationists and ID proponents.

100 million year old feathers found trapped in amber — Ooh, that dastardly Satan has been planting evidence again!

Polygamy case poses 'logistical nightmare' for courts — This is funny, but sad. Or sad, but funny. ETA: scarlettina points out quite correctly that there is nothing amusing about this situation. It stands at the intersection of religion and child abuse, two big hot buttons of mine. I've avoided making larger comments about this (and I've thought plenty) because virtually none of the believers among my readers will be willing to associate this behavior with theirs, while most of the non-believers already see the connections. What I do find funny is the idea of a town overflowing with lawyers, which was the gist of this article.

A movie critic talks about not seeing Expelled imdb ] — The story of this movie is pretty damned funny. More ID idiocy, reaching the depths even of the Dover decision. ETA: See also Expelled.

Rahm Emanuel is an idiot"We've put about $45 billion into Iraq's reconstruction . . . and they have not spent their own resources," said House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel (Ill.). "They have got to have some skin in the game." Jeebus, even the Republicans usually aren't that stupid. I expect a little more from the (alleged) good guys.

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