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[links] Link salad, Friday serving

Agent Janet Reid on the value of mistakes — Interesting stuff. I'm all about daring to be bad. Our own perceptions of quality are sometimes a writer's worst enemy.

Star Trek for the dead — (Thanks to lt260.)

Evil Monkey's guide to kosher imaginary animals — Hahahahahahahahah.

Did I.B.M. Really See a World Market "For About Five Computers"? — A debunking of one of the funnier quotes floating around in .sig files.

Car defaced, with bad punctuation — The last line of this story is worth the read.

"I'm getting a ticket? For what?" — Dept. of Stupid-Americans.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s an 800mph jet car — Man...wow...I really do admire wretched excess, I guess.

Cranky business memos within al-Qaeda — (Thanks to biomekanic.)

Bush's disapproval ratings — Remember when the liberal media was all about how unpopular a president Clinton was, because his approval ratings were below 50%? Heard much about Bush's approval ratings from those dastardly liberals in the media?

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