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[links] Link salad Saturday serving - Lakeshore
An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2008-04-19 09:57
Subject: [links] Link salad Saturday serving
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Location:Nuevo Rancho Lake
Music:the_child muttering as she makes up a board game
Tags:cars, cool, links, personal, photos, politics, religion
DC-3 conversion van — Ok, I want this. Real bad. Real, real bad.

The Kentucky Space Program

APOD with another lovely and thought-proving image

Texas polygamist sect is accused of indoctrinating girls — "Girls in the west Texas polygamous sect enter into underage marriages without resistance because they are ruthlessly indoctrinated from birth to believe disobedience will lead to their damnation" How is this different from any other religion? That's a serious question, not snark. The followers of virtually all religions raise their children within their religious framework, and impose the moral and behavioral rules of their faith on their children. Why is this different? If you're going to give social approval to religious upbringing, where does the line fall in picking-and-choosing? From my atheistic point of view, it's all indoctrination, after all.

Pentagon institute calls Iraq war 'a major debacle' with outcome 'in doubt' — Damned liberal traitors have infested the Pentagon now. Where's Joe McCarthy when we really need him?

John McCain's tax returns — Note his wife's were withheld. I wonder how Your Liberal Media and conservative America would feel about Hillary withholding Bill's tax info.

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Josh English
User: joshenglish
Date: 2008-04-19 17:15 (UTC)
Subject: On Indoctrination
Well, most religions do indoctrinate the kids. Our old rector used to tell new or prospective members "I'll send you some propaganda."
I know in my Church, children are not told "disobedience is damnation." That is the difference. Our indoctrination impresses vastly different values on our children.
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