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[links] Link salad Tuesday edition, live from Omaha

Fiction and Culture

A review of the Solaris Book of New Fantasy — With moderately good words for yours truly.

Edible.com — For the truly adventurous gourmand. (Thanks to danjite.)

Where news breaks — Another cool squib from Strange Maps

Oregon attorney slaps cop with illegal parking complaint — My home town...

jimhines with some thoughts on men and rape — Somber topic, worth the read.

Science and Technology

Halftrack Alfa Romeo — :: wants ::

Sexually Transmitted Bug is the Strongest Organism — Gonorrhea-powered machines? Is this what orgone energy has come to?

Laptops as earthquake sensors — Distributed computing using the accelerometers built into laptops to provide seismic data. The Internet is so cool.

Politics and Religion

Muslim call to adopt Mecca time — Uh huh. Nice to see some clear-minded thinking from the spiritual quarter. prof_brotherton is all over it. They must get those Muslim "scientists" from the same place the DI gets their "biologists". (Thanks to danjite.)

Closing the "collapse gap" — Some vestpocket comparative analysis of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the alleged impending collapse of the American empire. A bit on the fringe, but interesting nonetheless.

Rice, death and the dollar — A fascinating piece in the Asia Times connecting the dollar's decline to the growing world food shortage. In general, I find non-US perspectives on American politics and policy very interesting, because they tend to stand outside our baseline assumptions. A lot of Americans don't think we have anything to learn from the rest of the world (and one of them sits in the big chair in the White House), but that's just sheer nativist idiocy. (Snurched from Daily Kos)

George Will moves to the left of Democrats — George Will on the Wall Street bailouts. For once, I think I agree with Mr. Will on something. This just in: snow in Hell.

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