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[links] Link salad Sunday serving

Congratulations to this year's Nebula winners!

Matt Staggs with a nice review of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon thb | Audible ] — Which will be released this week in a handy mass market paperback edition Amazon mmpb ], I am pleased to say,

Roly poly fish heads at Nuevo Rancho Lake

The Galactic Center Radio Arc — More APOD awesomeness.

McCain uses wife's jet — The Straight Talk Express flies again. Wait, I thought he was flying coach? And just for the record, I'm perfectly clear on how high net worth individuals of both major parties self-fund and self-support their campaigns. The point here is the irony of McCain's continuing free pass from the press on the mismatch between his words and his deeds. Or even his words and reality in general, as evidenced by his repeated major misstatements on Iran. Strongly reminiscent of Bush's treatment during the 2000 election. (Snurched from around the liberal blogosphere.)

Florida conservatives, on gay marriage: "This is a tremendous social crisis, greater even than the issue of slavery." — I'd usually say it's so cute what conservatives believe, but that isn't remotely cute. It's psychotic.

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