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[poll] Cancer funnies

One of the best parts about the last couple of days is the flood of comments, emails, IMs and phone calls. Not that I didn't already know y'all love me or anything, but that has helped my spirits immensely. However, some folks distinguished themselves in cracking me up. Which on this blog calls for a contest!

Herewith is a harvest of some comment highlights. Usual rules apply, vote for the one you like best. I'll be sending off a mass market paperback of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon thb | Audible ] to the poll winner, personalized with a drawing of my tumor. (Yes, I saw it in the jar before they sent the miserable thing off to the pathology lab.)

Poll #1181370 Die laughing or live sober!

What's your favorite comment on my cancer diagnosis?

daveraines: Thank goodness it was shaped like macaroni, instead of spaghetti or, God forbid, lasagna.
aliquoricegirl: Who knew there'd be a time when you'd say, "I'm so glad it ulcerated!"
lasirenaolce: I can handle the cancer, but if you're going to keep boiling animal heads on the stove, we really have to talk.
jeffsoesbe: In a secret underground bunker somewhere near Washington DC, Dick Cheney is not happy. He thought they could get you. He Was Wrong!
yourbob: Never underestimate the power of a little blood in the wrong place.
martyn44: Nobody would be surprised if you did find a way of Blogging from the hereafter.
jennawaterford: Latin words are never happy things to hear from a doctor.
klingonguy: Vote those polyps off the island, I say.
jonhansen: So, the tattoo is an elder sign, as recommended by Lovecraft to repel the dreaded flying polyps?
deedop: Let me know if you need anything. Like construction of a Tubu-villainous Polyp-smiting superhero costume or something...
johno: On the plus side of your treatment, you are definitely clean inside and out.
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