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[cancer] Medical update

A brief update. Things haven't changed much since the last information, not materially, but I have more details. I did have a productive meeting with my therapist this afternoon. I'll see the surgeon on Tuesday, then my therapist again on Wednesday.

I have given up my plan to postpone surgery to early June in favor of the swiftest possible intervention. I will taking counsel from the surgeon in this respect, of course.

lasirenadolce and I went to the hospital today to drop off thank you notes and the gift of some paperbacks of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon thb | Audible ] with the various medical teams that cared for me. While I was there, Dr. Wang of the GI unit gave me the full pathology lab report on my tumor.

As previously discussed, my rectal tumor is a tubovillous adenoma, referred to as an invasive adenocarcinoma.

Also as previously discussed, there is suspicion of lymphatic invasion. This is what has led to the treatment plan of a colonic sectioning.

The new information is that there is also intramucosal adenocarcinoma, with suspicion of invasive adenocarcinoma.

In other words, there are two secondary cancers, not one. As they are in the same location, this doesn't seem to affect the diagnosis, prognosis or surgical plan. There may be some different approaches to chemo and followup, but I won't know until I've seen the surgeon and an oncologist.

Lots more detail, same answers. I'm still winning.
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