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[personal] It's Wednesday, do you know where your colon is?

Sorry, no link salad today. Probably not until I am back in the saddle post-surgery, so you'll have to get by without me.

Much like a hanging, impending surgery concentrates the mind wonderfully. People are being magnificent — I have gotten lovely emails from absolute strangers and dear friends, and the comments here on the blog vary from heart breaking to profoundly inspirational.

At the same time, I'm paying as much attention to the world, and you guys, as I can. As I just said to the_flea_king in chat, everyone else's life doesn't stop just because mine has jumped the shark.

I'll still be on email and LJ through very early Friday morning, then I'll be off for at least a week, possibly two. Y'all take care of each other, ok?
Tags: cancer, personal

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