Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Guest Blog: Jay Lake and the Amazing Robotic Bed

Trailer Boy back for a second helping. Once more, Dad's letting me take the ole Lakeshore Blog out for a spin. I'll try not to bang up the bumpers or back over anything.

Just saw Jay at the hospital looking resplendent in his gown and thermal massage socks. He was in good spirits. He ate orange jello (not his favorite), had some chicken broth, sipped flat soda and grape juice. He'd already had a full day -- two walking trips of about 200' (see the IV cam below). He has to do two more walking trips today. At one point, he warned us that once he pressed the Happy Button he might drift off. Then, he had us plug back in his amazing robotic bed before he nodded off.

Again, we heard that the docs are very pleased with how it all went.

He's surrounded by family and in very good hands. He's eagerly awaiting the Advent of Fartiness that will signify things are working as they should in his nether regions.

The child was due soon when we slipped out. But I counted one girlfriend, two Moms, two Aunts and a Dad all in attendance.

That's all the news that's fit to print. Continued well-wishes are appreciated!

And as always, Jay is grateful for your support and positive thoughts!

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