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[cancer] "Help, I'm stuck to my underwear"

Had the follow up consult today. Twenty eight staples came out. Twenty six of them came out smoothly. The other two were troublesome little bastards. I got to keep the staples, though, and the puller. I'll be looking for some clever art project ideas in the future.

I came home with a belly covered with Steri-Strips in lieu of little metal claws. On arriving, I discovered that I was stuck to my underwear, which resulted in a peculiar conversation with lasirenadolce.

My doctor continues to be of the opinion that my outcomes are as positive as can be hoped for. We're waiting on some details from the path report, but all continues good. We also discussed some additional plans to taper off my opiates in favor of some non-opiate painkillers. I continue to recover as expected or better.

Meanwhile, jeffsoesbe took Mainspring Powell's | Amazon thb | Audible ] on a tour of San Francisco. Some books have all the luck.
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